AGM, Sunday, April 30, 4pm

Dear Members,

The Board of Directors of Black Mountain Zen Centre warmly invites you to attend our 2nd Annual General Meeting at BMZC on April 30, 2017, at 4pm.

We greatly encourage all those who have completed the membership application process to attend and take part in AGM proceedings, whether that is simply taking part in electing a new Board or whether you may be interested in standing for election to the new Board yourself.

An Agenda for the meeting is included here (Word/ PDF), as is a list of eligible members.

A copy of our Memorandum & Articles is available at BMZC but please do let us know if you would like a soft copy emailed to you.

Please also see the details required for proxy notices, and regarding the retirement and appointment of Directors.

If you have any queries, please address them to Djinn by using the contact form here. Enter your name, email address and question, then click ‘Submit’. We will respond to your request within a few days.

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