Saturday Morning Drop-In Group


Our Saturday morning drop-in study group is now reading Pema Chodron’s When Things Fall Apart (which is currently available on Kindle for 99p!). We have two periods of zazen on Saturday morning, with a break in between for kinhin: 10 am – 10:25, and 10:35 – 11 am. At 11:15 am, we settle down at the table to read a chapter aloud together, and then we discuss how the reading manifests in our daily practice. Some of our group arrive at 11 am for the study group, some arrive at 10 am to include zazen in their morning, and we end at 12:30 pm. The suggested donation is £5, but we are very happy to welcome you whatever your offering!

The chapters we are reading this summer are as follows:

  • June 1: Chapter 3, This Very Moment is the Perfect Teacher
  • June 8: Chapter 4, Relax as It Is
  • June 15: Chapter 5, It’s Never Too Late
  • June 22: Chapter 6, Not Causing Harm
  • June 29: Chapter 7, Hopelessness and Death
  • July 6: Chapter 8, Eight Worldly Dharmas
  • July 13, Chapter 9, Six Kinds of Loneliness
  • July 20, Chapter 10, Curious About Existence



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