Congratulations to New Priest Myles Cowherd


Myles and Paul in the San Francisco Zen Centre courtyard after the ceremony. Photo by Elliot Charney

Great congratulations to our friend and dharma brother Myles Cowherd, who was ordained as a priest on September 14 in San Francisco Zen Centre by our teacher Paul Haller. Myles lives in San Francisco Zen Centre but travelled to Benburb in May 2017 to sit sesshin with us and do jukai with a group of Paul’s other students. We hope he will visit again soon to show us his new robes. In the meantime, please enjoy these photos.


Paul ritually shaves Myles’s head during the ceremony, while Abbot Ed Sattizahn looks on. Photo by Elliot Charney


Myles and Paul share a laugh. Photo by Elliot Charney

myles jukai

Myles with Paul and the others taking the precepts at Benburb in May 2017. Photo by Shundo David Haye

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