Rohatsu Study Week

Photo by Wang Junyi on Unsplash

Equanimity in Change and Uncertainty 

Sunday, November 29 – Saturday, December 5

As we bring awareness to the flow of thoughts and feelings that continues throughout the day, we start to see the particulars of our emotional and psychological make-up. That seeing helps us learn how to accept how we’re being and how we’re relating to our life challenges and relationships. Also seeing and accepting helps us cultivate resilience and equanimity and discover the way forward in our life.

This course offers daily zazen, guided meditations, Dharma teachings and opportunity for practice discussion to guide and support the participants to cultivate awareness in the midst of the challenges of their life. Each person is encouraged to create a daily schedule of formal zazen to help them to get in touch with their thoughts and emotions throughout the day. There will be online sitting each morning in Europe and in California, and a Dharma talk each evening at 7:30pm GMT (11:30am PST) with Q&A. If you were planning to participate in Rohatsu sesshin at SFZC please do so. Sitting all day with the support of others who are also sitting is a precious opportunity. This course is designed for practitioners who are not able to completely set aside the activities of their daily routine.

Please let us know by email if you would like to participate. The dates are Sunday, November 29 to Saturday, December 5, and you will create your own schedule for that week. The course is offered freely and everyone is welcome, and if you can support us with a donation, that is gratefully received.

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