Black Mountain Zen Centre is based in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter and has affiliated groups throughout Northern Ireland.

Our practice is Soto Zen in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi.
Zen_businessWe are guided in our practice of the Buddha’s way by Ryushin Paul Haller Roshi, an authorised Dharma Heir of the Suzuki Roshi lineage, former Abbot of San Francisco Zen Centre and Tassajara Zen Mountain Monastery.

We emphasise the practice of Zazen (meditation) as the essence of Shakyamuni Buddha’s practice, together with the keeping of precepts and the cultivation of compassion and wisdom.

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“Just to be alive is enough. Each of you is perfect the way you are … and you can use a little improvement. In your everyday life, you always have a chance to have enlightenment. Whatever you do. Everything is a teaching for us: the colour of a mountain, the sound of a river…each one is a teaching of the Buddha. Always have a new, fresh experience of your true self, here and now.”
Shunryu Suzuki Roshi