A Tribute to Thay

The forgetful mind, in need of guidance,
Is often lonely, until it finds –
a voice, which calms the waves of doubt.

Your past, enveloped by war and sorrow –
transformed and made joyous by your presence.
Exiled from home, you found home everywhere.

Through your teaching, spoken or written,
liberation’s path became clearer –
especially to those who grew around a different light.

And so, life to me is like a guiding poem,
read through your voice, it makes The Way clearer:
just as a lotus cannot grow without mud,
then awakening cannot come without suffering.

by Evan Clarke of the Black Mountain Zen Centre sangha, January 2022

Memorial Service for Shoken Michael Stone, Friday, July 21, at 7 pm


We mourn the death of Shoken Michael Stone, an inspirational and much-loved teacher. On Friday evening, in acknowledgement of the profound influence he had on many of our lives, we will meditate for 30 minutes, walk mindfully for 10 minutes, and then perform a traditional Zen memorial service. At the beginning of the service, people are invited to make a brief statement about their relationship with Michael and his teaching. After the service ends, there will be an opportunity to offer incense at the altar in his honour.