Rohatsu Sesshin, December 6-8


To celebrate the Buddha’s enlightenment, we will be offering a two-day residential sesshin during the weekend of December 6 to December 8 at lovely Benburb Priory. The sesshin will be co-led by Djinn Gallagher and visiting teacher Heather Iarusso, and the schedule will be spacious and easy-going, encouraging silence and stillness, with lots of time for rest and long walks. During the night of December 7, it will be possible to sit all night without interruption.

The sesshin begins at 5 pm on Friday and ends after lunch on Sunday. Everyone will have a single room, and vegetarian meals are provided (if you have specific dietary requirements, let us know). The suggested donation to help us cover our costs is £120, and we will be delighted with whatever you can offer.

If you would like to attend, please email us here.

Our First Shuso Ceremony

shuso 5

Andre holding the traditional shuso fan, left, with our teacher Paul Haller, for whom the ceremony was the culmination of many years of guidance at Black Mountain Zen Centre

shuso 1

Back row: Garret, Esther, Deirdre, Pauline, Joe, Djinn, Andre, Mary, Paul, Pat, Billy, Jonny, Jimmy, Tony, and Alastair. Front row: Sean, Eilis, Nuala, Suzan, and Steve

Last weekend, on Sunday, September 1, 2019, the sangha of Black Mountain Zen Centre gathered in the meditation hall at Benburb Priory for our first Shuso Ceremony. This ancient ceremony is also know as “dharma combat”, or “hossen shiki”, a lively question-and-answer between the head student – the shuso – and the assembly that confirms the shuso as being ready to teach the dharma. Kogen Doin Andre Elsen, who has been shuso during the practice period this summer, took the seat and gave a really good series of answers that manifested his thoughtfulness and wisdom and his deep tenderness for the Black Mountain Zen Centre sangha. Despite living in Germany, Andre has been practising as part of our sangha for many years and has been teaching us in many ways, both through his upright practice and his understanding of Zen forms, gained through his time in Tassajara, the monastery in California. The shuso ceremony last week was a confirmation of the position that he has unofficially held for so long, and an official acknowledgement of his role as a teacher and a practice leader. Great congratulations and many deep bows from all of the sangha, far and near.

shuso 3

Visiting teacher Myozan Kodo Ian Kilroy, front, in brown robe, joined us for the ceremony

shuso 4 (2)

Andre celebrates!