Dharma Talks – California

Other talks by Paul Haller given in Belfast are available here: Belfast Talks

Please click on the links below to access Dharma talks given by Paul Haller in California.

A step off the hundred foot pole
Actualization & Realization
Angulimala and Shamata Practice

Beginning Sesshin
Breath and Body of the Way
Breathing Into Life’s Challenges
Bringing Zazen to Daily Life

Carrying Awareness to Everything
Coming from the Mind of Emptiness
Continuing to Rain
Cultivating Samadhi

Dharma Discussion
Directed and Receptive Attention in Zazen
Discipline and Devotion
Dispassionate Acceptance, Passionate Involvement

Endeavouring on the Way
Entering Sesshin with Way-Seeking Mind
Entering the Heart of Sesshin
Entering the Moment
Every Day is a Good Day

Initiation Into an Authentic Life
Intention, Connection and Insight
Investigation and Continuity
Is There Really a Santa Claus?

Noticing the Moment

Polishing a Tile
Principle and Practice

Receptive and Applied Awareness
Rediscovering the Mind and Body of Zazen
Refining Effort
Remembering Your Intention
Renouncing Suffering

Seeing the Activity of Karmic Mind
Sesshin – The Unfolding Of Awareness
So It Is
Sound of the Raindrops
Staying Close to the Three Bodies
Stopping in the Middle of your Life
Sun-Faced Buddha, Moon-faced Buddha

Tasting the Sweet and the Sour of Life
The Alchemy of Bliss-Bestowing Hands
The Center of the Center of the Center is Buddha
The Dragon’s Roar in the Withered Tree
The Satipatthana Sutta
The Slippery Stone
This Very Mind Is Buddha
Three Elements of Zazen
Timeless Spring
Trusting Your Knowing
Turning the Light Inwards

Unborn Being

Vimalakirti and Lay Practice

Weaving the Dharma of Reality
What Does Practice Ask of You
Why I Wake Up Early

Yes, I Will!

Zen and Qigong Breathing

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