Why Donate?

Black Mountain Zen Centre is a charity dedicated to spreading the Dharma and offering a quiet space to practise meditation. Situated in the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast, with affiliated groups throughout Northern Ireland, BMZC provides a meditation space at no cost, and is open nine times per week, offering at least one meditation session nearly every day of the year for anyone wanting to attend. BMZC also offers a weekly study group, a monthly day of silent meditation, and runs twice-yearly silent meditation retreats (known as sesshins) where students can deepen their meditative practice.

As a charity, BMZC relies on your generosity to continue its activities. Your donation is used to pay rent for the premises and associated bills, and to provide support for the teachers. The practice of “Dana”, or generosity, is one of the foundations of spiritual development. Dana helps us to cultivate a spirit of openness and generosity in every area of our lives, encouraging our capacity for self-transcendence. Your kind donations are an expression of the practice of generosity.

How to Donate?

You can donate to BMZC in the two ways outlined below:

  1. Make a donation.
  2. Become a BMZC member.

1.  Make a donation

You can either leave a donation at the centre when visiting, or follow the instructions below to provide a donation; either would be gratefully received.

You can use this facility to donate once or to set up a monthly donation. However, those wanting to become a BMZC member should skip this section and read section 2 below: Become a BMZC member.

BMZC uses BT’s MyDonate site to take online donations. (BT does not charge anything extra or take a percentage of the donated amount, beyond the credit/debit card handling fee.)

  1. Click the link to go to the MyDonate site:
  2. Select “Single Donation” or “Regular Donation” (monthly) depending upon your choice.
  3. Enter the amount you would like to donate in pounds.
  4. If you are making a “Regular Donation”, set the date you want it to be made each month, otherwise skip this step.
  5. Enter your email address.
  6. If you are a UK taxpayer, it would benefit us if you could answer the gift aid questions and then tick the box that says: “I want to Gift Aid this donation to Black Mountain Zen Centre”. (If you are not a UK taxpayer, then please skip that section.)
  7. Enter your name and address, and an optional message if you wish.
  8. You can also tick the box at the bottom to indicate that you allow us to contact you and we will sign you up for our mailing list.
  9. Then click Next Step.
  10. Enter your payment details and click Pay. Thank you!

2.  Become a BMZC Member

You can become a member of BMZC by filling in a form and providing a monthly donation. This will enable you to attend BMZC sangha meetings to discuss the running of the centre.

To make inquiries about how to go about this, please ask for a form at the centre itself, or use the contact form below to ask for further information: