Graham Ross Donation

Dear members of the Black Mountain Zen Centre sangha,

I’m happy to share with you the news that Graham Ross, a teacher in the lineage of Suzuki roshi, and a senior student on mine is currently based at BMZC as temporary resident visiting teacher and has accepted our offer to extend his for a further month. This offers our sangha the wonderful opportunity of his ongoing guidance and support. A schedule of the many events he will offer, is on the website.

However it does present us with the challenge of covering the costs of his visit. So we’re asking you if you would make a donation to help us do that. Ideally, it would be most helpful if you signed up for a monthly standing order. Predictable income would allow us to not only cover the costs of Graham’s stay but also to know if we had the resources to invite other teachers from SFZC to come in the future.

Of course we would greatly appreciate a one-time donation if that is more manageable for your resources. The cost of Graham’s residency is about £2,800 pounds for two months. That seems to be how long he will stay but it might change if we raise more money!
You can use the contact form below to get information on arranging a donation.
Thank you so much for your practice and support of our centre

Ryushin Paul Haller