Zazenkai Dates for 2019

In 2019, we’ll continue our practice of offering a zazenkai – a day of silence and stillness from 10 am to 4 pm – on the third Sunday of each month unless a different event is happening. The dates for the first six months are as follows:

  • Sunday, January 20
  • Sunday, February 17 (part of weekend retreat with visiting teacher Bernd Bender)
  • Sunday, March 17
  • Sunday, May 19
  • Sunday, June 16

Rohatsu One-Day Sitting, December 8


On Saturday, December 8, we will sit together from 7 am to 9 pm to celebrate Rohatsu, the Buddha’s enlightenment. Rohatsu is a Japanese word meaning “the eighth day of the last month of the year”, traditionally the date on which Shakyamuni Buddha saw a star at dawn and was fully awakened. In this intensive one-day sitting, we manifest the Buddha’s determination as he sat beneath the Bodhi tree. We will follow the sesshin schedule of a short service before each meal, and a mid-morning dharma talk, and we will eat three meals together in silence. Every student contributes to and takes strength from the powerful energy and determination of all, creating an unsurpassed opportunity for deep practice and realization.

Meals will be very simple: breakfast will be cereal, fruit, yogurt, and toast; lunch will be soup, salad and rice; and our dinner will be a bowl of curry. If you have special dietary needs, let us know.

For those who can’t make 7 am, we will break for breakfast at 9 am and welcome you to join us then.

Suggested donation £20-£30 – please join us if even you can’t afford to contribute.

As we will be organizing food, please email to let us know that you plan to attend.