Teacher – Myogan Djinn Gallagher

Myogan Djinn Gallagher is our resident priest and teacher at Black Mountain Zen Centre.djinn-pic

Born in Dublin, Djinn started practising as a student of our teacher Ryushin Paul Haller in 2003 while still living in Ireland.

Her intention to train as a priest led her to residential practice at San Francisco Zen Centre where she lived from 2007 until 2016, first in the monastery, Tassajara (where she met her husband, Richard Larson), and then in the urban temple in San Francisco.

Ordained as a priest by Paul in 2013, she completed her training with a three-month practice period as “shuso” (head monk) in Tassajara in the autumn of 2015. She returned to Ireland in late 2016, and has been practising at Black Mountain Zen Centre since January 2017.